Recent Submissions

  • Inari Saami geminates 

    Türk, Helen; Lippus, Pärtel; Pajusalu, Karl; Teras, Pire (2018-11-08)
    Data extracted from the Inari Saami prosody corpus (, used in Türk et al (2018). The Acoustic Correlates of Quantity in Inari Saami. Journal of Phonetics. Target words ...
  • (Non-)Literalness ratings for Estonian particle verbs 

    Aedmaa, Eleri (2018-06)
    (Non-)literalness dataset of 1481 sentences formed with 184 Estonian particle verbs. Sentences are evaluated by 3 native speakers of Estonian on a 6-point scale [0,5] indicating the degree of compositionality of a particle ...
  • Context-dependent articulation of consonant gemination in Estonian (data) 

    Türk, Helen; Lippus, Pärtel; Šimko, Juraj (2017)
    This dataset is collected from 4 native Estonian speakers with Carstens AG-500 electromagnetic articulograph articluating the 27 combinations of disyllabic words for the purpose of studying gemination in the Estonian ...
  • Meadow Mari Prosody data 

    Lehiste, Ilse; Teras, Pire; Help, Toomas; Lippus, Pärtel; Meister, Einar; Pajusalu, Karl; Viitso, Tiit-Rein (2005)
    This dataset contains the segmental durations, F0 measurements and formant values F1-F3 from the vowels in 1-4 syllable words in Meadow Mari, a Finno-Ugric language. 8 native speakers read a list of 100 sentences, each ...

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